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Patient Portal

Patient Portal

Lafayette Internal Medicine Specialists

Our patient portal allows established patients to communicate more easily with us. The portal is not intended for ‘Internet Doctor Visits’ or new problems. Instead, it will make regular communication more flexible.

The patient portal is intended to provide:

Refill requests
Ability to request an appointment for a particular date/time (routed to clinic’s waiting list)
Update your contact and insurance information
Check your medication list, medical history and your visits
Contact your physician with questions/concerns.
Ability to obtain and print your lab & diagnostic test results (when requested and sent to patient via portal)

The patient portal is not intended to provide internet based diagnostic medical services. The following limitations apply:

No internet based triage and treatment requests. All clinical problems must be addressed in the office.
Diagnosis can only be made and treatment rendered after the patient is SEEN by a provider.
No emergent communications or services. Any emergent conditions should be seen by Urgent Care, Emergency Department, or call 911.
No request for controlled substances will be accepted.
No request for NEW prescriptions or refills of medication that are not currently being treated by a provider at this office will be accepted.

The patient portal is provided as a courtesy to our valued patients. Please keep in mind bedside manner is complicated via email. It’s easy to misread information or emotion. We’ll try to keep things brief and clear on the portal.

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